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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Article - An RSS feed is not enough

Every SEO article you've probably ever seen about RSS feeds will have told you how they are a vital part of your website marketing and keeping your visitors and customers informed.

And there's no doubt that an RSS feed makes perfect sense. Subscribers don't need to visit your site everytime, their news reader software delivers the latest update - they read, and then they visit if looks interesting.

But here's the catch. Most people are relatively new to RSS, and as with any new thing many ignore it in ignorance or 'fear of the unknown' believing they'll be targeted with spam from day one etc.

To help possible subscribers get over these fears, why not consider putting a useful guide to using RSS on your own website?

For an example, go to http://www.purple13.co.uk/index.htm?ref=rssfeed_help you'll get the idea. And make a link to it next to your RSS feed button.

The Purple 13 Web Team
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