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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Purple 13 Office Cat - Kitten capers

It was very funny, our office cat recently had kittens. Only 3 weeks old, they are just starting to wriggle out of their basket for a first tentative explore of their surroundings.

This morning, we discovered one of the kittens (nicknamed Molly Mackerel) sitting in the middle of the hall squeaking loudly. The Mum was ignoring her and waiting to be let out.

Only later on did we witness her feeding another 'stray' outside of the kitten basket. It's as if she was thinking 'those humans' will come and pick it up and put it back for me!

It's a cats life!

We've posted a few pictures of the kittens development for everyone to keep up with their progress. You can share them to by going to http://www.purple13.co.uk/kitten2

Everybody go ahhhhh!

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