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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What would Kirk and Co' have made of it?

The other night, we were sat around watching a film called The Forgotten and very good it was to. As the credits rolled, I gazed to the section of those responsible for the music and noticed James Horners name. He also composed the music for Star Trek 2, The Wrath of Khan (one of my favourites).

I thought I'd detected a hint of the theme from Star Trek 2 in the film we'd just been watching and voiced my opinion. Mandy and the others were singularly un-impressed with my thoughts even when I went onto explain my reasons for suspecting Mr Horner had had a hand in the films score.

"Its the way it was phrased I replied. That little piece of music that inspired hope just like when the Enterprise is leaving orbit at the end of the film with William Shatners dialogue about Spock echoing above the music."

This caused some merryment I can tell you. Undeterred, I tried to press my point but to no avail. It did however lead me to daydream about a possible conversation between the crew of the Enterprise upon discovering one of Mandy's artworks....

The Enterprise is flying through deep space in Beta Quandrant, scanning for those Klimt Klingons, Raphaelite Romulans and Cubist Borg. Spock looks up from his scanner (which closely resembles a fascial steamer)...

Spock: Fascinating Captain - I'm picking up a strange image on the scanners. Its clearly an artwork.
Kirk: On visual Mr Sulu.
Mr Sulu: Aye Captain, artwork on visual.
Kirk: What is it?
Spock: According to the ships library, its an ancient earth piece entitled Dandelion Fire.
Kirk: Incredible. What do you make of it Bones?
Dr McCoy: Damm it Jim I'm a Doctor, not an art critic!
Kirk: Any more information Spock?
Spock: Yes it was created by award winning artist Mandy Collins. Apparently, a digital photo artist of some international reput. Born UK, lived in Derbyshire during her abstract period.
Chekov: This is impossible Mr Spock, we were always told she was a great Russian artist.
Kirk: Uhura - inform Star Fleet HQ. Spock, What do you suggest?
Uhura: Aye Captain
Spock: We could capture it with a tractor beam and present..
Kirk: Excellent idea Mr Spock, we'll lock on a tractor beam and bring it aboard. Scotty can clean it up and we'll present it to the Ambassador as a gift from the federation.
Scotty: Captain, the warp drives at maximum, i'm not sure the engines can take it.
Spock: If I may Captain, the collective works of Mandy Collins are available to buy online from her website - Purple 13, perhaps we should just order another one for the Ambassador when we reach Altair 4?
Picard: Make it so.
Kirk: That's just what I was about to say.
Spock: I find this illogical - why would anyone name a piece after their brain?
Kirk: 21st century artists - the giants!
Dr McCoy: I liked him better when he was dead!

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Anonymous said...

Had to write in and say I enjoyed the Star Trek meets Mandy Collins episode very much.

There's obviously a Trekkie in the camp.

Will there be any more episodes? And have Paramount bought the rights?

Loved it.