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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Are you a Mandy Collins?

The other week whilst surfing the net checking the position of Purple 13 in the search listings for Mandy Collins, it occurred to us that there are one or two Mandy's of note that pop up in the searches.

Even stranger is the fact that there are startling coincidences between their lives, jobs or backgrounds to our own Mandy Collins.

The next day, we registered www.mandycollins.co.uk and have put together a simple website that we hope will turn into a web directory for all things Mandy Collins.

Mandy Collins' are invited to visit the site, email Mandy with the details they'd like publishing on the directory plus banners or links to any of their websites and thats it.

At the moment it's a completely free service. All we ask is that when submitting your details, you add the location of a reciprocol link to our site so we can check it out before making your link live.

We'll have some banners and buttons for you to use in the next week so please bare with us.

Mandycollins.co.uk is live now so pop along and pay it a visit. Especially if your name is / was Mandy Collins, Amanda Collins, (nee Jenkins) etc.

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