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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Article - Television study suggests your better off with art

Yesterday, a newsletter from over 'the pond' landed in my inbox. Normally it's one I quickly scan before sending to the trash, however, one particular article headline caught my attention enough to 'blog about it.

The headline read "TV no longer top must have electronic device" and went on with the sub heading " The smaller the screen, the less tolerant viewers are of lengthy commercials, according to findings from..." You get the picture? (no pun intended).

Is this really about the effects shrinking every consumer product will have on our patience or more to do with some overpaid ad executives bemoaning the latest viewing figures and struggling to convince advertisers to spend their money on TV adverts?

Portability does put you in a certain frame of mind - if i use it for too long, i'll run down the batteries etc syndrome so you can understand when people literally switch off at commercial breaks.

Perhaps it would be more advantages to show a clock in the corner of the screen counting down the minutes to the programme restarts or a quick list of what products are going to be advertised - a mini tv schedule almost.

That way, viewers have a choice of whether to watch or not. Although it could spell the end of tv advertising as many families I know with Sky simply wind through the adverts to the programme they were watching anyway.

Perhaps ad executives should design adverts that are only viewable at x20 normal viewing speed? (hey! that's my idea and you heard it here first).

Or better still, why not relax and gaze upon your beautiful Purple 13 artwork, perhaps something from Mandy's new collection of Aesthetic Art? Unwind with Purple 13 art - instead of winding up with TV.

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