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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Article – Do sub-domains suffer from Google’s sandbox?

Hi SEO followers and Bloggers.

‘Tis the season to be jolly unless it seems your domain is actually a sub-domain and you’re trying to get listed on Google.

I recently completed a web site design for a company called Essential Dealership Training who provides staff training courses to the automotive retail industry.

The owner wanted to keep an old domain he’d registered some years ago and had previously used as an email account only.

It took a bit of doing getting the domain transferred away to his new hosting company but we did it and the design went live in November.

Despite hand submission to Google, creating a Google Site Map as well as the site’s own site map, using 'address' tags around their address including UK in the address itself, we are still waiting for Google to add the site to their cache.

Bringing the problem up on a forum for input, the point was made that because it is actually a sub-domain of a URL, Google might have sand boxed it after the various spamming tactics used of late.

I’ve advised my client to keep working on inbound links from quality, industry specific related websites and this is in progress.

The URL in question is: www.edt.uk.com

Hopefully, all of the above efforts will eventually pay off – it could be along wait though.

If any of you have encountered similar problems, leave a comment with your suggestions or experiences. I haven’t ruled out yet registering another ‘proper’ URL and transferring the site leaving a re-direct for any email.

Watch this space and I’ll try to keep all informed.

Jonathan – Purple 13 Web Design Services.

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