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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Big Brother means big bother for website traffic

In a world where the topic of conversation always seems to be the weather – at least in sunny Derbyshire anyway, it’s almost refreshing to turn on the television and catch up with the latest happenings of those celebrity t.v. hampsters on Big Brother over on Channel 4.

Despite dire warning that viewing figures have slumped after the initial opening night – fierce competition from a load of soap – star pop wannabee’s (some hope there), the only effect apart from that on your sanity, would seem to be logins to your website.

It’s curious to note that during the final weeks of Pop Idol, there was a noticeable lack of visitors or customers to several e-commerce sites and with the new batch of must see shows, that trend has continued.

Some of you will I know say “Well if they don’t visit now, they will at the next available opportunity anyway”. I wish I could agree with that, however, my own findings still suggest a downward turn – perhaps half of traffic and customers is purely chance – surfers seizing the moment or when a though occurs to them.

All the marketing and SEO in the world won’t compete with a national show of such ratings, particularly when its aired between 9 and 10 pm – prime adults surfing while kids in bed time.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile sponsoring an advert during the commercials reminding people to surf when they’ve finished viewing. Alas, the Gods are against us on that one too – research suggesting that many viewers record or live record on Sky and fast forward thru the adverts.

Perhaps I can get Jade to wear a promotional t-shirt for Fabulous Photo Gifts or get the Big Brother housemates doing one without a picture as a task.

I’ll call Davina right now I think or should I call the A-Team instead?

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