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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If only visitors could find articles quickly - SEO tip

How often have you visited a Blog and left because there were so many articles, you couldn't find the one you had intended to read?

This can be especially frustrating if you click a link from a search engine that just takes you to the blog (in general) rather than to a specific story.

There are several reasons for this. Either the Search Engine has just returned the result because it thought it matched, but its only matched to the blog url and not the specific story url or its picked up from a technorati thread etc, but again the link wasn't to a specific story.

When digging or delicious adding, its important to be specific - the same when linking back to past articles - be specific.

Not sure what URL to limk to? Easy - just click on the story you want to link to and copy and paste the URL from the address bar.

However, you haven't previously made specific links so all is lost right? Wrong! There's still much you can do. Have you used tags on your posts? If you have then you can add a really neat widget called a Tag Cloud.

Tag Clouds display your post tags with the more popular a tag, the bigger it appears. So not only is it an instant identifier of your most popular tags (articles), it can also be used to quickly identify a topic and go straight to all the articles that include that topic (or tag).

At Fabulous Photo Gifts, we've been working on a way to add a Tag Cloud of our own but ended up using the excellent bit of code for adding a Tag Cloud to Blogger here:

Many thanks to Phydeaux3 for sharing that with the rest of us.

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