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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Upload your photos and create a personalised photo jigsaw puzzle

Personalised photo jigsaw puzzles make a great photo gift.

And at Fabulous Photo Gifts, we've made it really easy to personalise the photo jigsaw puzzle of your choice and order online.

We have probably the largest range of Photo Jigsaw Puzzles available online – from 24 piece, magnetic backed jigsaw puzzles to large 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles as well as special panoramic style (letterbox shaped) jigsaw puzzles in both 560 piece and 1300 piece options.

We even stock a 'square shaped' jigsaw puzzle that you can add your own photograph to.

All our boxed jigsaw puzzles feature a two part box with the completed puzzle picture printed on the lid at no extra charge!

More recently, we added an express range of wooden jigsaw puzzles including 2 novelty jigsaw puzzles featuring cut out letter pieces that spell Happy Birthday or I Love You.

Our standard boxed photo jigsaw puzzles are normally delivered in 10 to 14 days from order. This is due to the production process of printing, adhering to card backing, and pressing out. Each stage has to be allowed to dry completely before moving onto the next stage.

So we introduced our Express Range of jigsaw puzzles. A choice of 15 piece A5 size jigsaw puzzle, 30 piece A4 size jigsaw puzzle which comes in a special presentation wallet and two A4 size novelty jigsaw puzzles that also come in a clear presentation wallet.

These Express jigsaw puzzles are normally delivered between 5 and 7 days from point of order, and make a great photo gift idea when you need a photo gift in a hurry.

We've worked very hard to make your online photo gift shopping experience as simple as possible, however if you are unsure about anything, then don't hesitate to contact us first.

You don't need a digital photo file to order a photo gift from Fabulous Photo Gifts either. We have a postal order form you can download and print off to accompany your photo prints or slides.

Our premium scanning service is completely free and we keep digital copies for approximately 3 months so if you want to order more gifts, then just drop us an email. We recommend you send your postal orders by recorded delivery as we cannot accept responsibility for any damaged or lost pictures until they are in our signed for possession. We always return your postal photos by recorded delivery. An additional charge of £1.00 applies to those postal orders where you require your photograph, slide or CD returning and this is purely to help cover return postage costs.

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Guy said...

ohhhh.. good idea. I heard about this but it was only available through some agency that charged a fortune and made them out of some special rare wood. Might be something I look into getting for a birthday or something. Thanks