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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why you should buy your next personalised photo gift from Fabulous Photo Gifts.

Why you should buy your next personalised photo gift from Fabulous Photo Gifts.

When you're buying a personalised photo gift, to give to someone special, or as a treat for yourself, you want it to be right. You want to use a company that will allow you to browse in your own time a range of photo gift ideas and then let you upload your digital image and pay, there and then, online.

Or perhaps you're looking for a company that still takes orders by post (not everyone has a digital camera or files), where you can send your photograph along with a cheque and get free scanning on any photo gift idea.

Maybe you're looking for a company that's personal enough to call you back if your photograph isn't suitable, or that has the time to add a line of text over the top of your photo to make it extra special for the recipient?

Perhaps you just want to know that the company you've chosen will review every single order image by eye and make any tonal, colour or contrast adjustments as well as any cropping required to ensure that you are very happy with the finished photo gift, by hand.

Or you want to rest assured that the photo gift company you've chosen is run by a dedicated team with years of digital manipulation experience between them, fully conversant with the latest image techniques and software including Adobe Photoshop and keeps their web design in house too?

Finally, you may be looking for a photo gift company that offers probably the largest online selection of photo jigsaw sizes and piece numbers available, that come in a printed box just like the ones in the shops? (we offer 17 different sizes and pieces from 15 to 2000, including panoramic letterbox style sizes).

Whatever the reason, Fabulous Photo Gifts meets all of the above points and then some.

Our photo gifts are hand printed so we can take the extra time in ensuring that the finished print is as perfect as possible. What's more, we'll work on any image to remove red eye or obvious blemishes all as part of the service.

But don't take our word for it. Read just a selection of the many comments we receive from customers, quite unheeded. Click here to read them.

And it doesn't stop there. Not only are we always looking to expand our range of personalised photo gifts on offer, we actively involve ourselves in local fund raising, and have recently launched our Funds for Life scheme whereby any school, group, team, club, enterprise or charity can raise funds for their own good causes through their patrons and members using a unique scheme code everytime they order. Click here to find out more.

Finally, Fabulous Photo Gifts is very proud of its special relationship with both its suppliers and its customers. We work very hard to ensure you're delighted every time you order from us and the number of repeat customers we get bares testament to how well we do.

We look forward to being of service to you. You can email us or call our 0845 number by clicking here for our full contact details.

Proprietor Mandy Collins looks forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your next photo gift purchase soon.

If you're near to Belper, Derbyshire, please feel free to call at our workshop and discuss your requirements further. We have a small display of completed photo gift examples on show. It helps if you can telephone in advance just so we can make sure we're ready to receive you.

We're not the largest photo gift company in the UK, but we think we're the most caring and approachable when it comes to any special requests or enquiries.

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