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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our answer to the 4 tips

Received recently in the Fabulous Photo Gifts In box:

“Four tips to increase your sales by creating a trustworthy website”
(taken from a recent Axandra Search Engine Facts newsletter)

“Even if your website has high search engine rankings, people might still not buy from you. The reason for that may be that your website is not trustworthy. Of course, a professional website design will help create trust, but you should also consider these 4 additional areas to help convince customers to do business with you:

Show your visitors who you are.
Sounds silly but you'd be amazed at how many on line businesses either omit their contact details – including phone number and full postal address – from their website or bury them away where they are difficult to find. If they're difficult to find or non-existent, what else are you trying to hide???

If customers know where you are, they're more likely to do business with you.”

Fabulous Photo Gifts has a clearly labeled link to it's 'contact us' page where you'll find, postal address, an 0845 telephone number, email link and even a Google maps link showing our workshop location.

“Show your customers your different.

Why should someone buy from you and not your competitors? Is there anything that distinguishes you from the rest?”

At Fabulous Photo Gifts, we're very proud of the fact that we really do go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction, after all, many of our photo gifts are bought as presents for someone special.

We'll optimise each and every photo received (by hand) using the latest software to ensure your photo is ready to produce the best possible result on your chosen photo gift item. We're not afraid to let you know when your image isn't of good enough quality and will readily offer a full refund should you decide not to go ahead with a gift order.

We're a small company and proud of the fact that your on line photo gift order isn't going to some mass producing company where your photo won't be seen until the gift is actually dispatched. Here, we do check every single photo by hand, whether you're ordering one mug or a 100 jigsaws. Each and every photo submitted with an order is optimised, tonal corrections and highlights attended to before being resized for final printing. That's why you should use Fabulous Photo Gifts. (and we're a really nice bunch of people with over 20 years digital image manipulation experience between us and can readily advise you on line or on the telephone with regard your requests and queries.)

For specific questions that do occur quite frequently, try our handy FAQ's page first.

“Show your awards and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Web surfers don't like risk. If other people used your products and services before then it's less risky for new customers to try them.”

Testimonials – 'customer love' as we refer to it here at Fabulous Photo Gifts is nothing new in our office. Every day, we receive little notes saying simple thank yous for services we consider part of the job. That doesn't mean we're not thrilled every time the in box pings or the phone rings and another satisfied customer leaves their thanks.

Of course, sometimes a simple email isn't enough and our customers regularly put digit to keyboard and send us quite moving and heart felt thanks for the way we've served them.

Fabulous Photo Gifts makes a small selection of such thanks available on a specific testimonial page. Other examples are posted regularly on our blog. We do promise that each and every comment is 100% genuine – we don't even correct the spellings – we do shorten the senders name to initials, just in case it was a gift that hasn't been given yet.

“Show your guarantees.

As mentioned above, web surfers don't like risks. That's why guarantees will help.”

At Fabulous Photo Gifts, not only do we promise individual orders will pay just 99p postage and delivery, whatever they order, we also promise normal delivery of our express jigsaws and other photo gifts within 5 to 7 days and our boxed jigsaw puzzles within 14 days.

Our website might not be the flashiest looking (we quiet like it actually) but we designed it and built in in-house ourselves so we know exactly how it works and where things are, so if you experience any difficulty when placing and personalising your order, then don't hesitate to call us.

We've worked really hard to make our website as straightforward and easy to use as possible and we know from the comments we receive that many of our visitors are exploring on line shopping for the very first time so we're especially proud that they felt comfortable enough to use our website and the ease with which they were able to use it.

Fabulous Photo Gifts realises the importance of having a trustworthy site and we will continue to develop and add to our website to make it an even more rewarding on line shopping experience in line with our ethic of total transparency in the way we operate.

Please feel free to email us your own comments on how you found our website and the level of service you received or post your comments here.

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