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Friday, October 19, 2007

Delivery Update following Royal Mail Postal Strike.

Delivery Update following Royal Mail Postal Strike.

Dear Customers of Fabulous Photo Gifts.

It has been bought to our attention that a small number of orders are still to be delivered by Royal Mail, following the backlogs caused by their industrial action the other week.

To recap, all orders received by us that would have normally been dispatched during the strike period were kept back at our office pending the Royal Mails return to work.

We felt this was a sensible precaution to avoid damage to orders 'laying around sorting offices' and the possibility of items getting lost or mis-directed during this period.

Therefore, on the day the official strike action was called off (Wednesday last week), we duly dispatched all accumulated orders via our local Post Office as first class mail (as normal).

Upon more recent enquiries with the Post Office regarding possible outstanding deliveries, it seems that today (Friday 19th) is the first day they are guaranteeing delivery of items posted as 'special 24 hour delivery' and we have it on good authority that the backlog is still being worked through.

To add to the delays, some parts of the postal service are still affected by strike action.

We are very sorry that you may still be awaiting your photo gift. We want to assure you that we do value your custom and that your orders are all treated with urgency and dedication. We want you to be delighted with the gift you personalised and with our company as a whole.

We would ask you to remember that, like a lot of other businesses and individuals, our service was at the complete 'mercy' of the postal service and their action, whatever our individual feelings on the subject and their 'cause', has affected business greatly. We have made arrangements with private carriers for our bulk orders so in future these will be unaffected.

However, the cost of mailing individual orders by this method, at present, would mean an unacceptable (to us) rise in the cost of our photo gifts to you. If your order is of particular value or delivery deadline, then we are always happy to quote you an 'at cost' delivery cost via UPS.

So please bare with us if your order is still outstanding, although do please let us know so we can continue to monitor and challenge the Royal Mail on your behalf. We continue to be assured by Royal Mail that your deliveries are on their way.

If you have previously advised us of non-delivery, we would also appreciate a line to say you have received your order just so we may delete that from our regular and ongoing enquiries with the Royal Mail.

You can find our full contact details by clicking here.

Mandy Collins – Fabulous Photo Gifts.

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