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Saturday, March 29, 2008

My good deed for the day

When was the last time you did a good deed for the day?

Round these parts, we have a very useful local community magazine called All Things Local delivered every 2 months. Its packed with useful numbers, local businesses (including Fabulous Photo Gifts) and news and features about and by local people in abd around the Belper and Kilburn areas.

The Editor is an old friend so not only was I extremely pleased when she asked me to design the website for her, I was only too happy to volunteer for a spot of delivering around the close where we live.

Of course 'round the close' turned into 250 copies. Not bad but when the weather's wet, not the best place to be. So this morning I did my good deed by delivering my copies in the early morning sun.

One of the benefits of doing a good deed is that the job is usually its own reward and this morning was no exception. Walking round, I came across a ginger cat laying in a sunken basement window grill. Closer inspection revealed the miracle of 3 little ginger kittens - eyes just opening snuggled up against her.

Made my day.

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