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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's great hearing from old friends

If we're all honest, most of us are lucky to count real friends on more than one hand. Not saying they'd drop everything to rush to your aid at a moments notice but friends that your always pleased to hear from.

So it was the other day when my good friend Simon dropped me an email to say Hi!

He runs his own online computer systems build and supply company (and he's rather good at it) specialising in unique system builds using quality components across a range of budgets and usages - home budget to serious gamer to business user etc.

We've always found his prices excellent, his service top notch and he's always been able to offer sound advice.

For example, on his website at the moment, he mentions Windows Vista and the Service Pack 1 fix that's just recently surfaced. Despite this, he knows that many customers still prefer Windows XP (either installed or to install themselves) and he is still happy to continue with XP as customers demand.

So if you like to do business with companies that come recommended, then we're very happy to recommend you to NSYS - The Computer System and Base Unit Specialists

Keep in touch Simon - now you've found my email address.

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