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Saturday, May 03, 2008

When is Father's Day not Father's Day?

When is Father's Day not Father's Day? When you publish the wrong date on your website!

Despite our best efforts in the Fabulous Photo Gifts office, we still somehow managed to put the 17th instead of the 15th on a small advertising banner on the website.

Thankfully, our customers are more eagle eyed than we are and quickly pointed this out to us - we are indebted to you.

So now that we're all talking about the same date, what are you getting your Dad for Father's Day?

If you haven't got anything sorted, may we suggest a photo gift - a mug or how about one of our new deluxe photo panels that feature a stunning high gloss finish and 'chrome like' reproduction of your photograph?

Head over to Fabulous Photo Gifts now and choose a wonderful photo gift idea from our ever expanding range of gift ideas - gifts that you personalise wth your own photographs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan and Mandy:
I was not aware that you brits had father's day as well. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Jonathan, get some rest. The way this site is all over the net you are going to need to help Mandy a bit shipping out all those orders.
Take care,
Andy Concilio