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Monday, May 05, 2008

The Great Bank Holiday Tip Visit

If it's a Bank Holiday, then it must be trip to the tip time!

Truth is we've been that busy at Fabulous Photo Gifts, that packing boxes and packaging had accumulated at an alarming rate so this morning, I took a few hours off from website updates to crush all the boxes and load up the car.

Were that it was as easy as that - Of course, there was also a months worth of plastic bottles and 5 bags of garden rubbish, plus the packaging off of the little ones new bed (see our earlier post on flat pack furniture for that story!) waiting in the garage at home so one car load turned into two.

Luckily, our local tip is 5mins drive away and they're a really helpful bunch too - helping unload your car post-haste which saves on queing time etc.

It's amazing how quickly garden cuttings start rotting isn't it? They'd only been in there a week and already I had to let one big bag drain off a foul-smelling liquid compost before i could lift it into the car.

On the way back from the second trip, i wound down the car window, turned up the radio and felt decidedly good about myself - another job list item ticked off. Then the traffic announcer came on to warn of severe hold-ups around coastal areas - particularly Blackpool it seems. Life is good sometimes..... please feel free to leave your comments on how you spent your bank holiday below.

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Sime™ said...

Ha! Come on... Traffic on Englands roads?! Never ;) - I'm not venturing outside my house this weekend [last bank holiday spent FIVE hours getting back passed Birmingham!] Sime.