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Monday, June 23, 2008

Did you notice our Side Bar has had a spring clean?

Hi and hello and warm welcome back to our regulars (and we know there's many of you - we just don't know who you are - so leave a comment and introduce yourselves sometime won't you?).

We just wanted to draw your attention to a little spring clean we had last week on the Fabulous Photo Gifts blog with a few adjustments to the side panel (the one to the right of this article).

It's a strange business - all this social networking - one minute you've just a blank blog with a few sparse articles and then Whoosh! Things start to take off and before you know it you've got a higgledy piggledy mess of a side bar with seemingly random links and features dotted everywhere.

Well that's just exactly what had happened to us here.

So we took a quiet weekend last week to give our side bar some structure. Hopefully the only differences you'll notice are that its easier to find the things you're looking for.

Looking for our RSS feed to subscribe to this Blog? That's easy as its moved to it's new prime time slot at the top of the posts.

Then we've a topical new photo gift followed by the last 5 comments as left by you right here on this blog. Then comes our RSS feed (direct from the Fabulous Photo Gifts website) and a summary of the last alerts posted.

Following swiftly on, we have avery comprehensive Tag Cloud - find a story fast by scanning through our cloud for a particular keyword or 'tag'.

After that section comes the links to our various other social networking activities and partners including Go! Smell the Flowers, BlogCatalog and Twitter.

You can grab our 'Swicki' or our very own Widget which you can install on your own desktop or website/blog and get the latest blog news fed into your site - marvellous!

So please enjoy your time wandering around our little Photo Gift-zine and feel free to link to any of the articles you find here.


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Anonymous said...

Great Idea! thanks for the tip. I'm sure it will make my blog much more user-friendly. Like the order you've put stuff in as well.