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Saturday, June 21, 2008

GOGO's Crazy Bones - shopping experience

The latest collecting craze for kids seems to be these GOGO's Crazy Bones characters - little lumps of shaped plastic that come in a variety of colours, shapes and expressions (or characters).

There's even an accompanying sticker book (each pack comes with stickers) so you can collect and trade the figures as well as the stickers. Of course some are rarer than others.

If you haven't a clue what I'm on about, then you either don't have kids or you're lucky enough to live on Mars.

Actually as kids collectable crazes go these aren't so bad. Prices range from £0.99p a pack (of 3) to 2.00+ depending it seems on where you shop.

I had my children for the weekend and of course they're collecting Crazy Bones so a trip to the local town of Ripley was in order - there's a great 'Wargames' style shop called Chimera that sells all these collectables as well Pokemon etc and loads of DC Comics and figures etc.

Whilst the kids were picking over the box of sachets, choosing which one to get, I had chance to chat with the owner.

He's outraged by the high prices some places were selling them for and went on to explain that he also keeps a collection of swaps - kids come in with a duplicate from their collection and they can swap it for another of their choice.

What a wonderful system! He also keeps swaps of the stickers too, and judging by the large stack of boxes behind the counter, he doesn't plan on running out either.

He went on to explain they also held various game evenings after the shop shuts. These also include model painting evenings (bring your own paints and brushes). He also runs Yu-Gi-Oh!, World of Warcraft and Magic the Gathering Hobby League games - you can find out more at his website - www.chimeraccg.co.uk.

As we left the shop, the kids clutching their latest acquisitions, I reflected that the service had been excellent - the kids had been treated like adults, nothing had been too much trouble including having to get all 4 bag colours down to show us, and the added bonuses of low price and the 'live swap' which my son instantly availed himself of, reminded me very much of the same attention to detail and customer service which makes ordering a photo gift from us such a fabulous experience.

We've not had picture of someone's collection sent in to be personalised onto a jigsaw or other gift yet - perhaps you're still waiting on a few to complete your collection? but i'm sure we'll see one or two before the years out.

Click here to order a personalised photo gift from Fabulous Photo Gifts .co.uk today.

It looks like another trip to Ripley, Derbyshire next time to add to their collections!

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