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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fabulous Photo Gifts - Top 40 - the top 3

Hi there pop pickers - well it's Sunday so that means it must be the top 3 revealed in our countdown of the most popular photograph upload genre's for personalising at Fabulous Photo Gifts.

We've already revealed positions 12 to 4 and we were supposed t reveal chart positions 3 and 2 last night (apologies) but we got so busy finishing packing for our appearance at a top local dog show today that, well, time just flew by. More on that later.

So lets get on with it shall we? Have you guessed what will be the most uploaded photo subject? Has your own personal 'tip to win' already been revealed? - Lets see...

Position 3 - Pets:
It was always going to be close between babies and pets but those perfect pooches and mystic moggies just nosed ahead in the final few months. We've had some great photos - from walks in the countryside to the more familiar pets asleep on furniture meant for humans. We've had pets in paddling pools, the ocean, in cages, on shoulders, formal portraits to happy snaps whilst out and about. All proving whatever your taste in pets, you've all got great taste when it came to choosing the perfect picture to add to a photo gift.

Position 2 - Children:
From school photos to club activities, holidays to formal occasions, birthdays, Christmas, christenings and general parties. Fancy dress or swimming costume, home or garden, you've proved that your children make great photo gifts for themselves, for relatives, for Mother's and Father's Day, for Christmas or Birthday gifts.

So before we reveal number 1 - lets take a quick recap through our top 12....
12 - Misc
11 - Country scenes
10 - Grandparents
9 - Homes
8 - Portraits - singles or couples
7 - Gardens
6 - Weddings
5 - Families
4 - Babies
3 - Pets
2 - Children

and the number 1........ Family Holidays!
Yes congratulations to you all that guessed or submitted a holiday photo for personalising.

We've had possibly every destination and city you can imagine, present day and yesteryear, from walks on the beach to exotic shores and it didn't stop there. You've also submitted the most beautiful pictures of yourselves on holiday - from evening meals in the local taverna to picnics on long boats.

So the next time you come home from your holiday and sit down to look at all the pictures you've taken. Put a few aside for personalising some fabulous photo gifts for your relatives and friends, the next time a gift giving occasion comes around.

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