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Friday, June 06, 2008

Fabulous Photo Gifts - Top 40 - positions 6 to 4

Hello again Pop Pickers - we're back with the continuing 'chart' countdown of the top 12 recurring themes in photographs that have been sent to us for personalising photo gifts with - gifts like jigsaw puzzle, clocks, chopping boards and even teddy bears.

Last post, we covered positions 12 to 7 so without further ado - here's numbers 6 though to 4...

At number 6 - we have: Weddings
We've had white weddings, tartan weddings, exotic holiday weddings to name but a few. We've had brides and grooms, with parents, with grandparents, wedding guests on their own and even hen and stag nights. We've even had a few orders for pageboys etc - jigsaws with their pictures on to occupy them whilst the big speech is in progress. All of them really lovely momento's of a fabulous day. Our congratulations to you all.

At Number 5 - we have: Families
These were more everyday pictures of family groups or members enjoying a variety of activities, mostly at home. We've had some very creative collages sent in, pictures with text overlaid etc. We've had barbecues, garden parties, formal sittings, portraits and family parties - rave on you groovy people.

At Number 4 - we have: Babies
OK I know babies can't do jigsaws or use a mug but that hasn't stopped you sending in your baby photographs by the nappy load. Babies in high chairs, in prams, at birthdays, at Christmas, on grandmums lap, on picnic blankets, wide awake or asleep, happy or grumpy, birthday suits or fancy dress, we've seen them all and we've just loved receiving them.

Tune in tomorrow for numbers 3 and 2 before we reveal the number 1 on Sunday (its a bit like Radio 1 round here!)

We'll see you tomorrow.

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