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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Daytime TV - it doesn't get any better than this...

On the rare occasions when you're off poorly from work and find yourself at home in the daytime, it's very tempting to stay in bed. Unfortunately, it becomes a requirement to take on water and food in the shape of whatever doesn't need any preparation.

Of course, if your loved one hasn't bought you a personalised photo jigsaw to while away the hours with (at Fabulous Photo Gifts, they have sizes going upto 2000 pieces), and you're still waiting for them to buy you a personalised mug with a little teddy bear keyring inside it with 'I Love You' printed on its little t-shirt, then your options are probably limited to the TV.

Now I warn you, you'll feel a whole lot worse if you watch a channel with adverts!

They all assume you're:
A) over 55
B) in need of life insurance for those death expenses
C) in need of even cheaper car insurance
D) enriched by watching a large dog say 'Oh yes'
E) had an accident at work and are dying to get rich quick by sueing somebody
F) have dental decay, acid erosion, gum disease or a mouthful of little white men hitting your molars with sledge hammers

However, the rare treat can be found - the other day for instance, i came across the last hour of 'Return of The Incredible Hulk' starring the original 'don't make me angry' man - Bill Bixby.

Now this film also featured the Mighty Thor. This is hollywood after all...

What struck me (no not Thor's hammer or the fact that every bit of clothing apart from the trousers ripped and fell off Bill when he changed into the 'green troll' ( a great line from the Thor) ... no what struck me was despite the poor sets, the 70's style of the rooms and the poor taste in interior decorating... the hulk transformation was still quite realistic.

Can't the film makers get it right and cast a suitable live actor as the hulk in these recent movie remakes - i mean the cgi is awful.. and just make them bigger like they do with Hagrid in Harry Potter films? Then it would all work - beautifully.

ooops - i think i've been watching too much tv!

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Anonymous said...

I think i saw that too!

The Hulk and the Mighty Thor are both Marvel comic characters.

Undoubtedly, the best transition from comic to big screen has to be Spiderman.

Jonathan Ross was reviewing the new Batman film - the dark knight and reckoned it was a bit slow on action in places - too much talking was his verdict!