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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why does no one use the automated self serve tills?

Why is there always a que for a supermarket till with a cashier when the self serve ones go empty?

It's a question i often ask myself. Usually when i'm standing patiently in line with my basket of emergency groceries along with everyone else. Oh there are a few brave souls that try the automated tills but they usually end up standing, scratching their heads and asking for help from the assistant that loiters with purpose.

I think it comes down to the fact that we, as shoppers, still like to be served by a person. We feel comfortable and re-assured that our transaction has gone smoothly. When the automated system starts yelling at you for removing an item from the bag - you know you're in trouble.

The reason I mention this, apart from the fact that I know I'm not the only one with a phobia of the automated tills, is that we've noticed over the last year that we get a lot of 'Internet Newbies'. By that I mean we get a lot, and I mean a lot, of customers who not only have never ordered a personalised photo gift before, they've never purchased anything online before.

So they are always pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to use the Fabulous Photo Gifts website and personalise a photo gift there and then.

Of course, we do get customers phoning us with a variety of questions both technical and not so technical. Although our office phone is manned office hours, we do have a relay system in place so our customers usually manage to catch us at home anyway.

It's always the same, they ring, we answer, they say "Oh i'm sorry, I wasn't expecting anybody to answer" and once we've had a good laugh together about them actually getting someone, then we are able to help them with their query.

Later on, once their photo gift has been delivered, it's no wonder we receive such large amounts of praise from our customers e.g:

"thanks for the 1st t-shirt I've ordered! It was great! Just ordered another one but forgot to change the address again" M.B - Essex.

"Dear Mandy, Just to let you know the place mats arrived today. They are fab!!! Thankyou so much, my parents will be so pleased with them. Excellent quality and brilliant service. Thank you!!" A.R.

So you'll be pleased to know we're going to keep right on doing things how we think they should be done - with care and attention and with the human touch - every order is processed and printed by hand - that includes optimising your photo for optimum reproduction.

Hopefully, we'll see you soon at Fabulous Photo Gifts and have the opportunity to welcome you back as a customer.



Anonymous said...

Interested in your teddy bear for my girlfriend - do you do any other bears? Tony.

Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

Hi Tony.

Thank you for your enquiry.

We've replied to you privately but felt it was worth sharing the news that, hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, we'll be introducing 2 new bears to our line up of photo gifts.

A similar sized white furry bear - very soft fur and with two red hearts on a ribbon around its neck - and a larger brown bear - both will have a personalised t-shirt.

Hope that helps you and anybody else looking for a teddy bear photo gift.

Jonathan - Fabulous Photo Gifts .co.uk