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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blogs for business - business blogging tips

SEO article - Does your business blog? Given the latest figures I saw the other day - it probably isn't.

Here's what i found:

A recent survey of UK PR agencies concluded that almost 80 % have no social media services. According to a study of 100 major PR firms 79% have not yet developed online PR and social media services. And half of those that did get the 'clue' are based in London, says the Media report. 28% of the London based PR firms offer Internet PR services and 14% of them blog.

Well firstly it's important to understand what a Blog is. Here's a definition "Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author".

Things have moved on and now that definition can read "as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual or business that reflect the field of expertise or nature of trading" as more and more companies begin to realise the potential of an online 'journal'.

One thing I do hear a lot of is comments like "I wouldn't know what to blog about" or "I never have time for blogging".

Here are some handy topics you could be blogging about right now. Bloggers cramp? Here are some blogging ideas to get you started. You'll be amazed how much content you alread have:-

Industry specific articles – profiles and benefits of yours over others. Lots of opportunity for keywords like upvc, double glazing, etc.

Industry topical articles – e.g fuel bills rise or government legislation on energy efficiency – include figures in your article and how your product can help meet or overcome.

Installations – post pictures of your last installation – always good content as it gives your business a geographical weight in searches.

Staff news – post about new appointments or promotions from within – people love to read of success stories. Don't forget individual training accomplishments. Babies born, TV or media appearances.

Factory news – if you're shutting down for a 'factory fortnight', then let people know but remember to post when you're back!

Product news – Accreditations, BS standards etc, new products are all great keyword text for people and search engines alike.

Offbeat news – don't be afraid to include the off-beat e.g our receptionist Jenny's cat had 6 kittens – here's a picture. You'd be amazed how many people will find it and of course your blog leads straight back to your company website.

Links – you may not like to offer links from your website to other websites – after all, you worked hard to get that visitor so you don't want them leaving you do you? However, you could offer a link back from your blog so start a 'blogroll'.

Guest writers – know anybody who can write? Why not invite them to submit an article. It will give your blog more appeal with a fresh slant on writing styles and topics.

Involve your staff – Why not delegate the job of making sure there's at least one update a week – take the pressure off yourself. Even better, get all your staff to submit at least one article so that you have a choice of material or you post even more regularly.

Topical media – if its in the mainstream news e.g Wimbledon, then write how this affects you or your thoughts on the topic (without being too political or outspoken!). If it's popular and people are searching for it, why not try to grab some of the attention but try to lead it back to the benefits of using your product.

Well that's it. You've got a wealth of material now so get out there and get blogging.


Jonathan is Technical Partner at Fabulous Photo Gifts - personalised photo gift company based in Derbyshire. In his 'spare time', he writes seo articles for businesses.

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