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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Photography courses soon start at college

The nights are definitely drawing in which can mean only one thing. Yes - those college evening studies will soon be starting.

And many of you will probably be attending a photography course of some description, having spent the summer snapping away, now you're ready to increase your technical knowledge or maybe just want to join up with a group of like-minded people who share an interest in photography?

Well we'd like to wish you good luck with your courses and hopefully, you'll have some splendid pictures along the way that might just make some excellent Christmas gift ideas when coupled with our ever increasing range of personalised photo gifts.

Hopefully we'll get some fine weather days so you can venture out into the 'field', camera kit back in hand and capture some really exciting landscapes or how about the kids messing about in the autumn leaves? Everything becomes a photographic opportunity and todays modern digital cameras are producing better, clearer, sharper pictures than ever before.

We've certainly noticed an increase in the quality of photographs customers upload when placing their orders.

Also, it's apparent that digital point and shoot cameras are getting better when it comes to tone and colour balance. Especially those pictures that are taken in strong sunlight. Colours are more vibrant and real than ever before. (hark at me - sounds like i'm doing a commercial for a hair spray!).

Well you get my drift.

So having done night classes myself, if you haven't already then now is an excellent time to explore what's on around you at the local evening classes, it doesn't have to be photography of course, but whatever you decide to do, enjoy it!

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