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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Choose your iPhone music and videos carefully

Last week found us on a little shopping survey in anticipation of middle Daughter's birthday in May.

As we were near the local PC World, we called in to view a small television she was interested in for her bedroom. This particular model has a dock for iTouch and iPhones etc - she's keen to play her music on.

Of course, they had one in on display - we asked the very helpful assistant about its features etc and he suggested she plug in her iTouch and try it out.

Of course, she didn't have it on her but I had my iPhone and offered it to the assistant.

"it works like this" he said - and the store was filled with Abba music. When Mandy's daughter winced visibly, he said, desperate to stop the music "it also plays videos"... and burst forth a james bond movie i'd copied onto my phone.

Sometimes you just can't win!

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