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Thursday, April 16, 2009

What my kids have been up to on holiday with their grandparents.

This Sunday gone, I drove my two children down to a little village just outside Cambridge to stay with their grandparents for the week. I'll be making the 2 hour drive via the M1 (J26 - off at J19), A14 to Huntingdon, then A14 / M11 to Duxford and then along the A505 towards Royston this Friday to pick them up and bring them home on the Saturday morning.

Here's just a selection of what they've been up to:

Helping Mamma deliver church leaflets around the village.
Delivering a 'get well card' to someone who was in hospital, but out and back home when they called with the card.
Playing on the 'Wooden Park' - an adventure playground in the village recreation ground whilst Mamma tidied up the village hall.
A nature walk around Fowlmere nature park - lots of birds, ducks with ducklings (two) and baby rabbits as they left.
Walk to the Animal Shelter in the next village on Wednesday - the little charity shop is open and Georgie wanted to buy something for her kitten, plus lots of fussing the cats and dogs homed at the shelter.
The obligatory trip to the local town's toy shop to be treated.
Swimming at the local swimming pool.

Plus loads of cuddles with Sadie - my parents highland terrier.

So they've had a good week and it's not over yet. Even the sun has shone so far.

Can't wait to see them Friday - they'll be allowed to stay up late for my arrival - and catch up with their excited news.

Mandy's taken her girls to visit her parents on Anglesey - staying in a nearby caravan - and travelled yesterday. I'll be catching up with their exploits via mobile phone (if she can get a mobile signal - it's not very good there). Just checked out the beach webcam and it looks pleasant enough though so fingers crossed for good weather the rest of the week.

What did you get up to on your last holiday?

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