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Friday, April 24, 2009

Help! My window has a broken hinge, lock or handle - Home owner information

When one of our double glazed windows at home broke one of it's hinges, quite frankly we were stumped as to what to do or where to go to find a replacement. That was a few years ago. Then, we lived with it until we moved house.

Nowadays, with even more window companies tempting us with new upvc and wooden frame designs etc, I came across this clever article that at least points out what to look for to help you identify the type of lock, hinge or handle fitted to your double glazed windows, doors, patio and french as well as conservatories, if you need to replace a locking mechanism or hinge.

Here's what they had to say....

"Everything has a lifespan – and double glazing is no exception. Last year, several larger window installers reported that they had begun replacing more first generation uPVC units than timber or aluminum windows, and that trend looks set to continue into 2009 and beyond.

One of the more common reasons for replacing double glazing units is that the old units have begun to fail – this could be anything from chipped sills to misting up glass, but also something as simple as broken handles, locks and mechanisms can often bring about the end of otherwise perfectly sound window units.

This is partly because there is a truly staggering variety of different locking mechanisms currently in circulation. Aside from individual lock and handle choices at the time of fitting, different extrusion and frame manufacturers use different preferred hardware suppliers, leading to a overwhelming array of options and variations.

So how can you go about finding the one you need for your faulty mechanism?..."

To read the rest of their article, please visit www.home-improvement-blog.co.uk.

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