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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Star Trek film plot predictions came true

Last night, there was huge excitement here in the Fabulous Photo Gifts workshop as we took a bit of time off from photo gift personalising and went to see the new Star Trek film.

Earlier in the day, as dizzy as a schoolboy, I made some general plot predictions. Bear in mind my only clues are the official movie trailers. I haven' read any other reviews!

A self confessed 'trekkie', writing a review with virtually no previous plot line intelligence apart from that gleaned from several trailer viewings, shouldn't be a problem.

How do you think I did?

Basically - it's gonna be great!

You want a little more detail? OK - here are a few suggestions for what is likely to happen during the film...

Kirk will get in a 'fisty-cuffs fight'

The Enterprise will face almost certain destruction

There will be a long slow camera pan around the Enterprise (I'll be most disappointed if there isn't)

Scotty will overcome technical issues with the engines

Time travel will be involved (all the really good episodes involved time travel)

Rules will be broken

The first officer will not give the captain a straight answer

and my other predictions....

more than one federation craft will be involved

the baddie will be defeated by a bluff / trick

no-one will complain about the food of life in the 'service' in general

the words "damm it Jim" will be uttered.

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