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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bruce Hornsby and the Range - when a song reminds you of a holiday

Perhaps it's the rain that's had the Fabulous Photo Gifts workshop thinking of holidays, or more likely it's all the wonderful holiday photographs we've been receiving from you to personalise everything from jigsaws to our new photo engraved crystals.

All that sand, sea and fun - no wonder we're so happy in our work.

Which leads me onto a discussion we had the other day about tunes that remind you of a particular holiday. Two, well three tunes stick out in my mind.

The first would be Lucille (you picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel as we used to sing) playing non-stop on the caravan campsite pub every evening.

The second would be Tenpole Tudor's Wunderbar which played heavily as we left for a week's Scout camp.

The third is Bruce Hornsby and the Range's 'The way it is'. At the time, I was travelling with a mate from work for a weeks camping in Devon. We kept hearing this song but never heard who it was by - how very annoying. At the time I remember we thought it sounded a bit John Cougar Mellencamp' ish.

The camp was a bit of a washout and we ended up in a very comfy B&B for most of the week - serious strain on our beer money i can tell you!

Anyway back to Bruce Hornsby.... sometime later, a group of us started up our own little record club - the 5 of us would each pay a £1 a week, and every week, we each got a turn at buying an album (we're talking vinyl LP for around £5.50 - early '80's). You then passed it around the other 4 members and if they liked it, they taped it (or not as the case may be - most of us went out and bought the album ourselves anyway) I remember we enjoyed Paul Simon's Graceland, Berlin's Count Three and Pray, Genesis Invisible Touch to name but a few.

So when my turn to spend the fiver came up, of course I rushed out and bought the Bruce Hornsby LP. It's still about somewhere although the equipment to play it on has long since bit the dust.

Oh well it's my birthday (very soon) so perhaps I'll have to treat myself off of iTunes???

In the meantime, catch up with some of the songs mentioned above on our daily fantasy iPod playlist over on our Tumblr account - http://fabulousphotogifts.tumblr.com/

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