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Sunday, January 17, 2010

How one EPDM rubber flat roofing company broke the mould

flat roof replacement system installation guide
I had a very interesting chat with Tony at Rubbaseal Roofing Supplies the other day. They're busy promoting their new diy rubber roofing supplies website - www.rubba-seal.co.uk to the public.

They've only ever worked with EPDm roofs (since the late 1980's) and sold their first DIY flat roof kit over 10 years ago.

The great benefit of their flat roof replacement system is that when you order the EPDM rubber roof, the sheet comes in one piece so there are no joints to seal over or weak points that could cause leaks later on.

As Tony said - "Don't confuse us with general builders merchants offering EPDm as an 'add on product'. We know and love EPDM - it's all we do".

You'll also find a range of rubber roofing accessories and roof trims. If you're unsure about tackling your own flat roof, there's experts at the end of the phone to help you choose the right materials and if you still feel the project is too complex for you to tackle, then Rubbaseal Roofing Supplies can refer to a local approved installer.

It was great catching up with Tony and what's been happening at Rubbaseal since their 2004 Master Contractor appointment in 2004 and how they've carried that expertise forward with their own residential EPDm training school.

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