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Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking for new people to follow on Twitter?

What do you look for when hunting for new people to follow on Twitter?


Sparkling repartee, pearls of SEO wisdom, exclusive offers and discounts, celebrity gossip, a fresh perspective on world news or someone who shares your interests (professionally or personally)?


Are their tweets all self-promoting, all replies to other users, singular nonsense, social comment/newsy or just a bunch of links. A little of everything is about right - isn't it?


Does it bother you if they don't have an Avatar (the little square photo of themselves, product, logo or something more obscure)?


Does it bother you if they don't have a personal bio?


Perhaps you only consider following people who have neither or who only have both?


And what about their page background. Does a personalised background carry any weight?


Have you even followed their link to their profile to follow them or did you use a Twitter client and follow them directly?


And once you'd gone to the trouble of following someone, did you drop them a line to say why you were following them?


Did they follow you back? Are you bothered if they did (or did not)?


If they did follow you back, did you tweet a thank you to them? It's only polite you know.


Finally, have you honoured them with a #ff (follow friday). Who knows, they may return the favour, promoting you to their followers - the best #ff are a single user with a line on what makes that person special or worth following.


Twitter - makes you think doesn't it?




p.s Where do you go / what do you use in the hunt for new users to follow?


Jonathan's Twitter profile can be found at http://twitter.com/fabphotogifts


Jonathan also tweets for @priceengines, @solarpanelqtr and @home_improver

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