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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Squirm TV

Is it just me or do we live in an age where the only 'good' television is that in which we get to see someone publicly break down in front of millions of viewers?

Nothing gets me reaching for the off button more than the uncomfortable feelings I get when watching such baiting by an interviewer.

Take the other morning on BBC Breakfast News. The pair of presenters were interviewing a policeman who'd been blinded by an attacker, whilst on duty.

It was the anniversary of the attack which had seen the perpetrator already shoot someone else ( I don't remember the specifics) but the PC had been sitting in his car when he was shot.

Now he runs marathons to raise money for the Blue Lamp charity which offers support for emergency services personnel injured in the course of their duties.

But the lady presenter, in particular, kept trying to bring the poor chap back to the events of the day… How had he felt afterwards? etc and I guess really wanted him break into tears or an angry outburst at the perpetrator of the horrible crime.

He didn't. He was unflappable and very dignified (and at times looked slightly bemused in an "I already answered that question" sort of way).

Full marks to him.

Zero marks to the BBC.

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