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Friday, August 05, 2011

Plastic bag usage up by 5% - I have a theory

Plastic bag usage up by 5% - I have a theory.

Yes shoppers, shop owners and all the politicians in between were equally shocked to hear the plastic bag usage had grown by 5% recently.

This is despite 'bags for life' being thrust into our faces at every cash till opportunity and the abundance of "bad for the environment' messages in the media.

However, I have a theory.

Not in the same league as 'magic bullets' and 'grassy knoll's' admittedly but a theory all the same.

Fuel for our cars has risen to such levels that the cash-strapped British consumer is having to seriously weigh up the worth of each journey before they make it.

So instead of driving around the corner to the local supermarket for a full weeks shopping (which is expensive enough these days), I believe people are shopping often and little by foot instead. (I tried it at the weekend - it was very liberating).

The downside is that you need to spread the load when walking so you'll probably spread your shopping out over more bags than you would if you were driving. Also, we all know that you do seem to buy more stuff if you shop every day, hence we're physically requiring more bags - especially if we have to buy the same thing twice in a week (thinking bread and milk here).

If this theory holds water (and I'm pretty confident), then the use of plastic carrier bags could even be a good indicator of the UK's economy?

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