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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home Scanning Tips - 5

If you've been following our little collection of home photograph scanning tips, then thank you for your interest. We hope you've found them useful.

Our last tip (for now) features cropping - when to crop, when not to crop, particularly if you're intending to use your scan for a photo gift order. However, many of the tips and guidelines still apply.

Tip 5 - Crop your scan to the image itself.
We do receive some images where the whole scanner bed is the image. At Fabulous Photo Gifts, we hand check every order photograph and crop etc where required, however some more automated companies might 'print what they get' and you would end up with a mousemat etc with a postage stamp size actual image surrounded by lots of white!

Try to scan your image squarely.
No we don't mean we only accept square scans! What we mean is try to line your print up with the horizontal and vertical guides on the scanner bed. This will reduce your file size and help us to process your order that little bit quicker.

Don't crop the scan.
Don't be tempted to crop your scanned image as we never 'stretch to fit'. If there is a particular area of a scanned photo you want omitting or want the gift centered on, then just email us after placing your order (or make notes in the checkout comments section) and we'll do our very best to help.

Better to have too much image to work with than not enough.

Well that just about covers it for now. We'll probably add to the series later but if there's a particular topic or question you'd like answering, then just leave a comment to this post and Fabulous Photo Gifts will try to answer it.

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