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Friday, April 04, 2008

Doctor Who - Time Gentlemen Please

Unless you're actually travelling through time and space in your own personal Tardis, you can't have helped but notice that the new series of Doctor Who is going to be starting this Saturday (5th April).

Tantalising glimpses of the Doctor (played with a debonair flair by David Tennant) fighting off aliens with new companion Catherine Tate (Donna) (face - bothered!) are already online and in teaser adverts on BBC.

Which is pretty exciting if you're a Doctor Who fan (like us - well me anyway).

So then came a brilliant idea! Why not show Doctor Who episodes in pubs on their big televisions like they do the football?

I mean, surely, there's more supporters for Doctor Who than there is football - well the local every day games isn't there?

I'm sure they'd be a big hit. I must write to the breweries at once. If they had Sky+, they could pause it while you went to the bar for a refill (or the little boys/girls room)

Well, we thought it was a good idea.

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