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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fabulous Photo Gifts - Top 40 - positions 12 to 7

Hi Pop Pickers - as promised but slightly later than advertised due to school holidays and a rush on the photo gift front - wouldn't be anything to do with Father's Day would it? Here is our own Top Ten countdown (well 12 in fact but who's counting?).

Anyway, we've looked back over the orders we've received for personalised photo gifts this last 12 months and produced a top 12 recurring themes in the pictures you've been sending us.

As we're running slightly behind, we've decided to jump right in with 'chart positions' 12 through to 7.

At number 12 - we have: Miscellaneous
These were recurring themes that didn't quite make it into the top 11 - photo's of soft toys or childrens toys, roller-coasters, cars, motorcycles and steam engines ( i suppose we could have had travel !). Bouquets of flowers, office parties, office groups and some really intricate montages (you clever lot!) etc - you get the picture (or rather our customers did).

At number 11 - we have: Countryside Scenes
Everything from harbours to mountains, desolate moors to the broads, sunsets, sunrises, snow, rain and sun - from the inspirational to the breathtaking, single animals to whole herds, you sent them all. Most on our own doorstep but there were equal numbers of more far-flung places - city-scapes, oceans, jungles, deserts.

At number 10 - we have: Grandparents
Incorporating our senior citizens, we've had them dressed for weddings, celebrating their birthdays (or someone elses), enjoying the garden or an outing or a favourite hobby. With their families, with their pets.

At number 9 - we have: Homes
Not stately homes, although everybodies home is like a stately home to them (and us), we've had bungalows, semi's, mansions, flats. In all weathers and all seasons, we've had our fair share of holiday homes and villas too.

At number 8 - we have: Portraits
Single people, families or couples, we've had a huge variety of photos submitted from casual shots to the more formal sittings. From fancy dress to formal attire, in all manner of settings. One thing is clear, your comments have proved the gifts were always well received and you've been absolutely delighted with them.

At number 7 - we have: Gardens
Just pipping portraits to the number 7 slot, we have gardens - your gardens, next doors gardens, gardens you've visited. Again all seasons have been captured and we've seen gardens from across the world with many exotic plants and flowers captured by you. We've enjoyed your gardens and it's proved very inspirational for our own modest lawn. Bloomin' marvellous!

Still to come - we'll be running down the last 6 places - 1 every night starting tomorrow so be sure to check back and see if your 'category' made the number 1 slot.

I can reveal that still to come (in no particular order) we have - pets, children, weddings and three more amazing categories which we'll keep to ourselves for now.

See you tomorrow.

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