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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where did you get that hat? Using photographs to illustrate your blog posts

A picture paints a thousand words - that's what they say.

Here at Fabulous Photo Gifts , we're used to dealing with all manner of photographs - family portraits, outings, holidays, pets, weddings etc as we personalise your gift choices and despatch them asap.

You'll have probably noticed that on our blog, we like to highlight certain posts with an illustration or two. We love photography!

The photos and images we use on our Blog generally fall into 3 categories:

Product pictures - our own photographs of actual examples of our range of photo gifts, many featuring our own family and friends. If you've visited our website, you'll see that we use plenty of large pictures to show customers exactly what they're ordering.

Own photography - When we're not busy in the Fab' Photo Gifts workshop, we like to go out and take beautiful pictures of our own, many of which are held on various stock image libraries for purchase. Some even make it into publications and point of sale materials used by publishers and companies the world over. (see more at http://www.purple13.co.uk - digital photo art of Fabulous Photo Gifts proprietor Mandy Collins).

Stock photography - sometimes something a little more abstract is preferred and for that, we turn to Flickr common licence photography, where very often, little more than accrediting the photographer and linking to the image on Flickr is all that's required - like the photo above.

Stock photography allows you to draw from a wider pool of images than you may have available to yourself. It also gives you the opportunity to spice up your posts with a well chosen 'caption' photograph. See the difference using a few images to illustrate your blog posts can make.

I don't illustrate every post, it's not always necessary. I'm also mindful of page load times when there are loads of large images etc. Tread carefully, size to fit, reduce colour levels / dpi / quality etc and you'll be fine.

Go on! Go illustrate!

photo credit: thunderbirdchild5

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